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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kudos & Quibbles

I received a nice nod from Dave Kearns in his newsletter. Thanks, Dave.

However, not to quibble (too much) there’s a nuance to the piece that I’d like to (gently) reposition.

Dave closes by chiding vendors – including my employer Oracle – saying that vendors need to provide identity applications that are useful to us in our daily lives. I thought that the timing of the statement was ironic, coming on the very day that the Liberty Alliance announced another set of qualified vendors having passed the Liberty Interoperable testing program – including my employer Oracle. The total of qualified products from a variety of vendors is now around 75.

Now to my quibble. The closing paragraph in my original posting included the following statement: “We do need enterprise Service Providers to begin to deploy these Identity Provider services more rapidly.” I mean that the financial institutions, government agencies, etc. should be doing the deploying of the 75 solutions that the vendors have created.

So, the technology exists to solve this business problem. The question remains: Who will take my money to manage this for me securely?

PS: One more quibble … I only this year became Vice President of the Liberty Alliance, having succeeded my good friend and industry colleague Timo Skytta of Nokia. He did a fantastic job for the Alliance and has been a tough act to follow.

PPS: Timo, I’m still waiting for the “other” job description…


  • You're welcome, Roger.

    As to those 75 solutions - none have anything remotely approaching a Personal Identity Distribution application - they're all B2B or B2C plays with the data, almost exclusively, held by the "B".

    However I did hear that, at least in France, a partial solution is available:
    in combination with:

    So the solution, evidently, is to move to Paris. Or Nice!

    By Blogger Dave, at 10:57 AM  

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