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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The following appeared in the New York Times today.

September 6, 2006
To Stay Alive, Iraqis Change Their Names

In part, the article goes on to say:

"The country’s Sunni-Shiite bloodletting is driving many Iraqis to bury the very essence of their identity: their names.

"To have to hide one’s name is considered deeply shameful. But with sectarian violence surging, Iraqis fear that the name on an identification card, passport or other document could become an instant death sentence if seen by the wrong people.
"That is because some first names and tribal names indicate whether a person is Sunni or Shiite."

Here in "IdentityLand" we discuss the nuances of whether users need to disclose personal information for a variety of transactions. Whether it's convenient or inconvenient, necessary or not, excessive or insufficient. These are legitimate topics that, ultimately, will mean the difference in how good systems are built and deployed for financial gains in their particular markets.

The Times article brings a whole new and sobering perspective to personal identity management and the relationship to one's "well being."


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